study of safety signage in compliance with NBN and ISO 7010:2011

Safety signage audit
The aim of the assignment is to compile an overview of necessary safety and health signage. The overview includes both existing signage and signage that needs to be added.

The following categories are covered during the audit: 
1. RESCUE: Evacuation, first aid, AED, ...
2. FIRE: Fire-fighting equipment, fire alarm buttons, ...
3. PROHIBITIONS: Smoking ban, unauthorized access, BA4 - BA5, ...
4. COMMANDS: Mandatory PPE, use of pedestrian crossings, ...
5. DANGER: Electrical hazard, forklift traffic, hazardous substances, ...

Based on our findings during the audit, we will develop a safety signage plan at the office, detailing material choices, dimensions and mounting methods (flat, perpendicular to the wall, panoramic, ceiling mounting). Mapping emergency lighting is crucial for developing the design plan, as all pictograms related to rescue, fire and danger must illuminated (5 LUX) in the event of a power failure. 

Presentation of study plans
Once the plans have been fully developed in the office, they will be presented to you during a follow-up meeting at your premises. We always strive for optimal improvement of the existing situation, but we consult with you regarding the next steps, priorities and adjust the plans based on your needs and requirements. Along with the design plans, we provide a list of measurements for the pictograms and installation materials, as well as a no-obligation quote for implementation.

Vision and concept
On a daily basis, we often observe a lack of conceptual approach to safety signage within companies. This results in the addition of pictograms over the years without considering factors such as the existing environment, dimensions, reading distance, etc. As a consequence, there is a clutter of pictograms and safety instructions, making it difficult to discern important information. Consequently, these signs become less effective or are ignored althogether. Therefore, establishing a concept and house style with standardized dimensions and placement heights per zone is a major focus during our assessment.  

Combined zone signs
We consistently strive to standardize all safety signage. After conducting a risk analysis of a department or zone, we recommend consolidating all safety pictograms and instructions as much as possible onto a single safety sign or location. This ensures clarity upon entering the zone regarding commandments, prohibtions and hazards. 

Supervision of installation
We collaborate with trusted subcontractors for the installation of safety signs. Our team provides comprehensive on-site supervision from project inception to completion.

Would you prefer to handle the installation yourself?
Certainly, this option is available. We can provide all the necessary pictograms, signs and installation materials and we are available to offer guidance throughout the process. If you'd like, we are more than happy to visit you at the beginning of the work to discuss everything in detail.

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