Mesure with 3D laser scanning
Don't have any plans of your building(s)? No problem!

Using the portable 3D laser scanner Leica BLK2go, we can survey your building "while walking" with minimal disruption to your organisation or activities.

This innovative technology allows us to map your building quickly en efficiently using millions of measurement points (point cloud). This method allows us to measure up to 15 000m² of floor space per day, depending on the nature and layout of the infrastructure.

At the office, we then use the 3D measurement points to further develop your as-built floor plan. Always in consultation with you and after a joint cost-benefit analysis, we can use this measurement data to determine the desired detailing of the plans.

Digitizing scans and paper plans
Combining innovative software and expertise built up over the years, we can turn your scan or paper plan into a digital 2D floor plan in a very cost-efficient manner. 

After completion of the assignment, we will always send you the source files in DWG and PDF formats. This way, you can use the plans for various applications.

Send us your file or photo of the plans to be digitized and we will send you a no-obligation price offer within 24 hours. 



Convert and clear out plans

Convert PDF to DWG. 
We convert your PDF file to a DWG file and create a new layer structure for all objects. This can be done entirely according to your own protocol so that you can use these plans for the further elaborartion of your designs for engineering, infrastructure, environment, etc.

Purge plans.
Delivered design plans are becoming increasingly complex. This also requires more and more capacity from your computer infrastructure.

Depending on your needs, we purge the plans into a smoothly processable file. In consultation with you, we examine the options for cleaning up all unnecessary data and objects.   

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