Evacuation audit
During the audit, we review the received plans to ensure they accurately reflect the as-built condition, making adjustments as needed. 

All relevant information required for the evacuation plan is identified on the plans.

Following the audit, we further develop and finalize all plans at our office. 

Providing only the drafting work?
Over the years, we have specialized in creating evacuation plans based on provided notes.

After reviewing the available floor plans, we will provide you with a price quote for creating evacuation plans according to your notes. 

Here's our process: 
1. Prepare (clean up) the floor plans.
2. We provide you with a note plan featuring legend icons (in digital PDF or paper format) along with a concise manual. 
3. Upon receiving your notes, we begin working on the plans.
4. You will receive the evacuation plans (in PDF format) for your review. 
5. If necessary, adjustments are made to the plans based on your feedback. 
6. Once finalized and approved, you will receive the sources files in DWG format along with a PDF version.
7.If required, we can provide UV-resistant prints and frames.



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