Intervention file
To facilitate the intervention of public emergency services and the internal first response team, the employer must ensure that an intervention file is provided to them at the entrance of the building. 

The intervention file includes all information localized on plans, allowing emergency services to have a clear understanding of entrances, building layout, activities, occupancy storage of hazardous materials, present risks, fluid shut-off valves, ventilation systems, available fire protection equipment, etc.

We always prepare the intervention file in accordance with the guidelines and templates of the relevant fire zone. The file is created in AutoCAD and you will receive the source files in DWG and PDF formats. 

It is mandatory to make the intervention file available to emergency services at the building entrance. Therefore, we always provide a bound bundle of the file printed on waterproof polyester paper. Additionally, we offer various document holders and cabinets suitable for storing the file both indoors and outdoors.

Digital Intervention Plan (DIP)

Many fire zones have a digital platform where the intervention file can be created. This facilitates rapid and targeted assistance, as the fire brigade can access the intervention plan both at the coordination center and in the field.

We can handle the entire preparation and processing of the DIP and oversee the file until approval by the fire brigade. Alternatively, we can also prepare individual sections and plans for you as needed.

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