Conducting an evacuation audit and drafting evacuation procedures

Evacuation audit and procedures
Evacuation is not solely determined by emergency exits and escape routes. The level of self-reliance during emergencies depends on three key factors:

* The type of emergency situation
* The physical characteristics of the building
* Human behavior

When developing organizational structures and procedures to handle potential emergencies, it's important to consider not only fires but also other possible evacuation scenarios, such as gas leaks or explosion hazards. In some situations, immediate evacuation may not be appropriate and occupants may need to shelter in place.

During our audit, we thoroughly assess all aspects related to compliance, guidelines and legal obligations regarding emergency evacuation and we document our findings on plan.

In addition to a detailed plan outlining emergency exits, evacuation routes with walking distances, fire compartmentation, emergency lighting, signaling, etc., we also provide a photo report with our findings and recommendations.

Once the evacuation audit is complete and discussed with you, we can assist in establishing evacuation procedures, defining the roles of the first intervention team, evacuation supervisors, conducting mandatory annual evacuation drills, etc., if desired.

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